HEINRICH SCHULZ сraft breweries it’s european quality & american traditions! 

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The way of opening your own brewery!

Simple way of creation the successful business and production of unique craft beer with your own mini-brewery in any part of Europe it is HEINRICH SCHULZ brewery equipment. First of all you should decide for what purposes you what buy brewery (restaurant or bar brewery, home or manufacture brewery) and after that the specialists of HEINRICH SCHULZ Company will help you to choose the brewery equipment with the necessary characteristics. The HEINRICH SCHULZ Company produces brewery crafting, microbreweries, mini and industrial breweries and brewery equipment.

Each brewery project is unique engineering solution for your business with all the requirements and wishes. HEINRICH SCHULZ Company implements brewery turnkey projects. Terms of project’s realization for the restaurant mini-brewery, a bar and a pub microbreweries or manufacture brewery depends on the technical features of the brewery and takes about 1 to 4 months.

Implement the mini or industrial brewery project!

Craft beer on your own mini brewery is the key to a successful business!

Crafting revolution it is a fresh look at the production of beer in the microbrewery across the Europe.

The last few years people began to prefer an author beer brewed on crafting breweries, because tasting this kind of beer, they feel brighter, unique taste of crafting beer. HEINRICH SCHULZ Company created brewing equipment with capacity from 30 to 5000 liters.  Quality HEINRICH SCHULZ brewing equipment successfully operated on mini and manufacture breweries across the Europe for many years (more than 80 successful projects). Microbreweries price allows buying the brewery equipment and starting a successful business in Europe, without large deposits.

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Rapid payback of HEINRICH SCHULZ breweries

The breweries price allows starting production of crafting beer on its own micro or industrial brewery without significant investment. Starting make a significant profit for 9-14 months it fully payback the brewing equipment.

HEINRICH SCHULZ Company provides a full range of brewery equipment, mini, micro and manufacture breweries. Like all trusted equipment producers, HEINRICH SCHULZ provides service and post- service of its own brewery equipment.

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HEINRICH SCHULZ brewery equipment

Brewing equipment is made of safe and approved materials, confirmed by quality certificates;

– All beer production equipment has quality point and intended for everyday use;

– All components and materials are high reliability with resistance to high temperatures;

– Any element of the brewery equipment hasn’t prohibited materials such as brass or lead;

– Buying reliable HEINRICH SCHULZ Company brewing equipment, you choose a time-tested quality;

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HEINRICH SCHULZ Company manufactures brewery like all brewing equipment producers and offers a range of installation for any brewery. After brewing equipment installing our specialists will arrange a brewing test and train your brewery’s personnel with the main features of operation of the brewery equipment and will give a brewing master class if it necessary. HEINRICH SCHULZ create unique recipes for crafting a beer especially for you, you can take the best of the existing beer recipes and add your own accents, creating a unique taste. Each micro or industrial HEINRICH SCHULZ brewery is versatile equipment, you can not only cook any craft beers, but also cider or mead.

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