«Schulz» - restaurant and industrial breweries

Since 2003 we launched our own production facilities which enables to produce microbreweries and industrial breweries capacity from 100 to 5,000 liters of wort per brew. For today we implemented more than 100 successful projects in CIS, Europe, Asia and North America. Over the years, «Schulz» company acquired the representative offices in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan that allows us to simplify cooperation with clients in these regions. Each representation has professional staff - engineers, technologists, brewers and managers. Individual approach to work and progressive views allow us to create a modern and reliable brewing equipment. Brewing equipment lineup is divided into 3 parts:

    • Minibrewery - capacity from 100 to 500 liters per brew wort. It’s designed for installation in pubs, restaurants, entertainment centers and small craft breweries;
    • Industrial brewery - capacity from 1000 to 5000 liters per brew wort. It’s designed for beer factories, with the purpose of selling the finished product to the commercial network, a chain of restaurants or beer shops;
    • Additional equipment - «Schulz» Company may offer you to finish equipping of your productivity with such equipment as: cylindroconical vessel, bright beer tank, brewing kettle, hopping device, malt mill and other brewing equipment.
If you decide to buy the equipment for beer production - just make a request and our specialists will choose the optimal model suitable to your business project. For more accurate and qualified assessment of your business recoupment just make a request in section “business calculator” and specialists of «Schulz» Company will make for you an individual calculation of your brewery’s recoupment which will ensure the profitability of the project.
Get started your brewing business today!

Step 1. Project budget

  • make a request on our website;
  • agree project budget and performance of brewery with your personal manager.

Step 2. Preparation of room

  • prepare the room according to sanitary rules (average is 100 USD / 1m2)
  • Schulz Company provides the technical specification for room preparation$
  • provide the necessary removal of water and electricity, ventilation and sewerage also.

Step 3. Delivery of equipment

    Schulz Company:
  • manufacture the equipment (production period is 21 days);
  • selection of optimal variant of delivery (delivery time is 2-10 days);
  • provide services for installation, startup and training your brewer (20 days depending on the project);

Step 4. Documentary registration

    To get started your own brewery you need:
  • sanitary inspection conclusion,
  • fire inspection conclusion, conclusion of metrological expertise
  • resolution of tax service.

Step 5. Guarantees

    “Schulz” Company provides:
  • warranty and post-warranty service,
  • free technical support.
  • The cost of breweries “Schulz” depends on the production capacity and the type of equipment. The price include: the brewery made of European and Belgian parts of stainless steel AISI 304, installation, commissioning, test brews and warranty service. The cost of breweries Schulz starts from 26 000 dollars. If you find cheaper, pay attention to the complete set of equipment, because some manufacturers underestimate the cost of equipment by cheapening of set (smaller number of CCT, the absence of a steam generator, sensors, control panel etc.) Send competitor’s offer to our experts and they will explain what are the differences.

  • Our company can arrange the delivery of equipment anywhere in the world without any problems. We will arrange delivery and offer you a delivery company or leave the choice for you.

  • Of course it’s important, that’s why our offices in each region have a full staff in region: Kiev, Ukraine; Ivanteevka, Russia; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Krakow, Poland. Therefore, buy brewery and take care of the maintenance is easy. Shipment of the equipment is carried out with the nearest office, according to EXW. If necessary, the obligations about the delivery are subject to change.

  • According to statistics, the author beers and “crafting revolution” is gaining momentum with each passing year. More than 90% of our clients leads successful businesses over the years and many of them are constantly acquire equipment to increase production volumes. More and more people prefer beer, brewed according to unique recipes.

  • The beer can be storage in CCT up to 2 months, after bottling in kegs – 5 days, and being bottled in bottles – up to 6 months.

  • To calculate the cost and selling price of your beer just make a request on our website and our experts will advise you and provide a detailed calculation of beer cost according to analysis in your region for FREE.

  • According to statistics, that for every 50 000 inhabitants it is advisable to open a brewery volume of 1000 liters, the demand is proved by dozens of successful projects.

  • Schulz Company can offer you a variety of payment options. You can split the payment of 10% and a further specification during manufacture of the brewery, which certainly easier with the financial side.

  • Yes, our equipment complies with all technical and technological regulations and standards. Our company has certificates:

    • “Certificate of conformity”;
    • Declaration of conformity with technical regulations of the Customs Union (CU TR);
    • European TUV certificate (Directive 2006/42 / EC on the safety of machinery and equipment) and the CE mark;
    • Certificate of quality of the manufacturer.

  • Implementation of beer is available in several versions:

    • the sale of products in the shops of draft beer, bars, pubs and restaurants;
    • sales of products in own establishment or of own net facilities;
    • sales of products in major retail chains under an own brand.

  • Ukraine. You do not need to acquire this license, because it concerns the major manufacturers, for retail, you need to buy a license giving the right to sell alcoholic beverages at retail and have a cash register, the cost of 8,000 USD. Russia. According to the Government Decision №171 “State regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products and limit consumption (drinking) ALCOHOL PRODUCTION” Article 18 “Activities subject to licensing” – beer is not subject to licensing. Excerpt: “1. 1. Subject to licensing activities on production and turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcohol products, except: production and turnover of ethyl alcohol by pharmacopoeia articles, beer and beer drinks, cider.”


The way of establishing your own brewery

Simple way of creation the successful business and production of unique craft beer with your own mini-brewery in any part of Europe it is “S-BREWERY” brewing equipment. First of all you should decide for what purposes you what buy brewery (restaurant or bar brewery, home or manufacture brewery) and after that the specialists of “S-BREWERY” Company will help you to choose the brewery equipment with the necessary characteristics. “S-BREWERY” Company produces brewery crafting, microbreweries, mini and industrial breweries and the brewery equipment. Each brewery project is unique engineering solution for your business with all the requirements and wishes. “S-BREWERY” Company implements brewery turnkey projects. Terms of project’s realization for the restaurant mini-brewery, a bar and a pub microbreweries or manufacture brewery depends on the technical features of the brewery and takes about 1 to 4 months.

Purchase Brewery and implement project!

1 Beer wholesale license is too expensive

Craft beer on your own mini brewery is the key to a successful business!

Crafting revolution it is a fresh look at the production of beer in the microbrewery across the Europe.

The last few years people began to prefer an author beer brewed on crafting breweries, because tasting this kind of beer, they feel brighter, unique taste of crafting beer. “S-BREWERY” Company created brewing equipment with capacity from 100 to 5000 liters.  Quality of “S-BREWERY” brewing equipment successfully operated on mini and manufacture breweries across the Europe for many years (more than 80 successful projects). Microbreweries price allows buying the brewery equipment and starting a successful business in Europe (Poland), without large deposits.

Find out the brewing equipment prices from our experts!

2 Beer wholesale license is too expensive

Rapid recoupment of SCHULZ breweries

The breweries price allows starting production of crafting a beer on its own micro or industrial brewery without significant investment. Starting make a significant profit for 3-9 months it fully payback the brewing equipment. “S-BREWERY” Company provides a full range of brewery equipment, mini, micro and manufacture breweries. Like all trusted equipment producers, “S-BREWERY” provides service and post- service of its own brewery equipment.

Make a request and our experts will calculate the recoupment for your brewery.

3 Beer wholesale license is too expensive

SCHULZ brewery equipment

– Brewing equipment is made of safe and approved materials, confirmed by quality certificates.

– All beer production equipment has quality point and intended for everyday use.

– All components and materials are high reliability with resistance to high temperatures

– Any element of the brewery equipment hasn’t prohibited materials such as brass or lead.

– Buying reliable S-BREWERY Company brewing equipment, you choose a time-tested quality.

– Learn from our experts how to choose appropriate beer production equipment.

4 Beer wholesale license is too expensive


“S-BREWERY” Company manufactures brewery like all brewing equipment producers and offers a range of installation for any brewery. After brewing equipment installing our specialists will arrange a brewing test and train your brewery’s personnel with the main features of operation of the brewery equipment and will give a brewing master class if it necessary. “S-BREWERY” create unique recipes for crafting a beer especially for you, you can take the best of the existing beer recipes and add your own accents, creating a unique taste. Each micro or industrial brewery is versatile equipment, you can not only cook any crafting beers, but also cider or mead.

Make your first step on the way to a successful business – your own craft brewery. Contact our specialists.

5 Beer wholesale license is too expensive
Welcome: S-BREWERY & PANIMO KIISKI OY BREWERY project presentation
On January 12, 2018, S-Brewery together with our Finnish partners

Pub “The Brew” is one of the foreign projects by “SCHULZ” company
Year: 2016 Brewery: Schulz-500 Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank: 12 pcs  –

«Brovarnya na Hrushevskogo» – successes and achievements
In spring 2016, one of SCHULZ projects, «Brovarnya na Hrushevskogo»

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