Established in 1998, “S-BREWERY” Company is a manufacturer of brewing equipment for craft brewery, restaurants, bars, brewpubs and industrial breweries. All brewery equipment is manufactured in accordance with modern technologies and European standards. Breweries’ capacity ranging from 100 to 5,000 liters of wort per brew. The company also produces the additional equipment for brewing which is necessary to maximize the production and sales of craft beer.

“S-BREWERY” has successfully implemented more than 100 projects, setting brewery equipment in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Canada. For the years of our existence we have formed the efficient staff: engineers, technologists, managers and brewers. Professional approach of our employees allows us to produce high-quality brewing equipment. Our brewers will teach your staff with the art of brewing, carry out the experience brews and provide you with beer recipes.

What we offer:

Certified equipment. All equipment has appropriate certificates. We can offer you specifications of equipment according to your wishes.
Quality. When producing the breweries we use valves of Czech production, electrical equipment from Germany and South Korea, electric motor drives from Italy, and brewery itself will be produced of Belgian stainless steel AISI 304 which is recommended for the equipment in the food industry.
Flexible payment system. After signing the contract we can split the cost on payments of 10% and agree a longer production period that will certainly be easier for you in financial terms.
Delivery of equipment to any part of the world. We have representative offices in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. Also you can choose any transportation company you want to transport the equipment and we will arrange delivery.