We constantly monitor interesting events in the world of beer and the best events obligatory to visiting for each beer lover. There is a lot of beer festivals that will take place in 2016; here is the list of the best festivals this year:

Brugge Beer Festival. Belgium

75 Belgian breweries and more than 300 kinds of Belgian beer in the picturesque city of Bruges.

February 6-7, 2016, Bruges

75 Belgian breweries and more than 300 kinds of Belgian beer waiting for you to taste in one of the most beautiful cities of the world – Bruges.

Alltech International Craft Brews & Food Fair. Ireland

5-7 February 2016, Dublin

The third anniversary of Dublin’s beer party, gathering the brewers, bar owners, and HoReCa industry professionals.

National Winter Ales Festival. England

17-20 February 2015


Over 300 kinds of beer, cider and perry of British and foreign production. Great start of festival season by CAMRA.

Zlatá Pivni Pečet – Slavnosti Piva. Czech Republic

1-6 February 2016

Ceske Budejovice

The oldest Czech beer festival “Golden beer print” leaves Tabor. The organizer of the Pan Srb explains that Paltsat hotel in Tabor could not accommodate all comers, so the event were transfered to the exhibition center in České Budějovice

Barcelona Beer Festival. Spain

4-6 March 2016


Barcelona Beer Festival is another attempt of the Spanish to grasp the trend of crafting beer.

Strong Beer Festival – Starkbierzeit. Germany

February 12 – 2016


Monthly beer marathon in Munich is intended to celebrate the strong varieties of traditional Bavarian beer. The festival takes place in different Munich beer bars: Avgustinerkeller, Lowenbrau, Paulaner, etc.

Zythos Beer Festival. Belgium

23 – 24 April 2016

Belgian town Brabanthal (Leuven) has its own version of the beer festival, so do not even hesitate to call it the biggest beer festival in Belgium! There is an opportunity to check it!

Latviabeerfest. Latvia

25-29 May 2016

Beer Festival in Riga has already become a traditional place that represents the small and large Latvian brewery.

Czech Beer Festival. Czech Republic

12-28 May 2016


In 2016 Czech Beer Festival will also take place in the beautiful Prague’s Letna Park.

Bergkirchweih. Erlangen. Germany

12-23 May 2016


Bergkirchweih (Bergkirhvay) or just Berch is one of the best beer festivals in Germany combining the old traditions of the unique Franconian brewing. Bergkirhvay has its roots in 1755 and it is a mass festivity, beginning after Trinity.

Beer Festival and Knuckle Parade. Hungary

June 2016 (date not confirmed)


What do we know about the Hungarian beer? It is an excellent opportunity to find it out in detail.

Žižkovské pivobrani – Mini brewers festival at Brewers Žižkov. Czech Republic

3-4 June 2016 (date not confirmed)


Mini brewers’ festival in Žižkov takes place in the park Parukarka and is officially called «Žižkovské pivobrani». Lots of beer, Czech bands and unutterable native atmosphere of Parukarka.

Festival minipivovarů na Pražském hradě. Czech Republic

June 10-11, 2016


It is a new tourist attraction in the heart of Prague. Royal Park, near the Summer Palace of Queen Anne, becomes the base for six dozen breweries from all over the Czech Republic.

Beer on surfacing. Czech Republic

17-18 June


It is one of the newest mini beer fest in Prague. It is taking place on the coast of the Vltava River near the city center.

Buda Castle Beer Festival. Hungary

June 12-15, 2016


About 200 breweries are the participants of the beerfest, from giants like Heineken, to medium and small breweries from Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium. Beer festival will take place at the Royal Palace.

Festival Birofilia. Poland

June 15-16, 2016


Since 2010, the small Polish town of Kielce, located near Krakow, offers all beer fans over the world to join the crowd of home brewers. There are competitions of home brewing with the definition of the best representatives of their styles as part of this Polish fest. Besides, demonstrative brewing training is provided in the festival program.

Great Middle Europe Beer Festival. Slovenia

June 15-19, 2016


About three dozen breweries give an excellent opportunity to combine the sea, sun, music and beer.

Derby Beer Festival. England


It is one of the festivals of the British organization CAMRA.

Farsons Great Beer Festival. Malta

July 25 – August 5, 2016


Do not expect the special beer revelations on Maltese beer fest, but what else to engage in on the island?

Pichelsteiner Fest. Germany

July 29 – August 3, 2016


There are boats on the river Regen, fireworks, fountains, and of course, beer. What else do you need for happiness in the Bavarian Forest?

International Berlin Beer Festival. Germany

5-7 August 2016


What about the Berlin Beer Mile? There are more than 300 breweries from 100 countries. Any questions?

Great British Beer Festival. England

9-13 August 2016


It is the most important beer event of the year.

Gäubodenvolksfest. Germany

12 – August 28, 2016


Beer Festival in rural Bavaria. It is the same scenario with tents, lederhosen, music and beer in the beautiful Bavarian Forest.

Syystober. Finland.

20-22 August 2016


The beer party called Syuyustober is part of the “Delicacies of Finland” Festival organized by the local association of craft breweries.

Žatecká Dočesná (Žatec Hops Festival). Czech Republic

September 5 – 6, 2016 (date not confirmed)


Zatec is a city that is renowned for its most popular aromatic hops in the world – Žatec. The beer fans can try different beer styles of breweries from all over the Czech Republic.

Belgian Beer Weekend. Belgium

September 4-6, 2016


It is the most representative and pathetic Belgium beer festival. Breweries of Flanders, Wallonia and Luxembourg will represent different styles of beer in the central square of Brussels.

Cantillon Zwanze Day. Belgium

September 19, 2016


The legendary Belgian brewery Cantillon invites you. You should visit Cantillon if you like beer.

International Hop and Beer Festival. Belgium

September 19 – 21, 2016


Belgian region Poperinge is known for its hops with the same name. Naturally, the festival holds the Hop Queen election, tells stories of hops and beer, and provides for the actual consumption of beer.

Slunce ve skle. Czech Republic

September 20, 2015


It is the most characteristic brewery festival of Czech Republic. The festival taking place at the Brewery Purkmistr is the leader of the new wave of the modern Czech brewing. We strongly recommend visiting it!

Pilsner Fest. Czech Republic

October 5, 2015, Plzen

Homeland of the most popular beer in the world with the music teams from all over the Czech Republic and the legendary Pilzner Urkvell. It is the birthday of the best beer in the world, cheer friends!

Cannstatt Volksfest. Germany

September 25 – October 11, 2016


It is Oktoberfest in Stuttgar style. Of course, the number of people at this festival is less than in Munich, but the fun and drive certainly go beyond.

Great American Beer Festival. USA

October 6 – 8, 2016


It is a significant and representative event for American brewers. More than 2,000 styles of craft beer come from the breweries of the whole United States.

Oktoberfest. Germany

September 17 – October 2, 2016


The celebration of Bavarian King’s marriage. Clean out lederhozen and you’re on the world’s coolest beer party. Oktoberfest forever!!!

Oktoberfest Zurich. Switzerland

October 12 – November 10, 2016


If you do not have time for the Munich Oktoberfest, the Zurich fest can offer you a decent equivalent of traditional Bavarian music, food and beer.

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