Reading beer assessment, you can see its characteristics such as fruit flavor. But what is the origin of this flavor? With the fruits it will be totally different drink. There is an explanation of such state of things. Often, you won’t find a fruit looking the bottle label. Is it an advantage that the smell of beer conveys you a fruit flavor and what results manufacturers hope to achieve? Let’s consider the most famous flavors which can be found in hop drink.

Let’s start with pineapple. This element etilbutirat may attach pineapple flavor. Of course it’s not the element itself but the process of it’s fermentation. The flavor can be more or less concentrated depending on strain of yeast using for brewing. But this is not the only source of the pleasant smell. Using the fruit smell hop, brewers can also achieve such result. Usually, pineapple flavor can be felt in the varieties of American beer such as Citra, Centennial, Columbus, Chinook etc. The point is that Americans enjoying a sweet-smell beer, but at the same time sours.

Lemon flavor can only be obtained through the using of the variety of hops. The lemon smell fans will be disappointed if the fermentation process should fail. Aldehyde producing is a problem in case of fermentation process failure. In this case, the beer will be with strong lemon smell and spoiled taste. Of course it would be better to avoid using that beer because it can damage your health. To be completely honest, the presence of a pronounced fruity smell in beer should be alerted.

Lemon flavor can be found in many varieties of beer, brewing in different countries: Japanese Sorachi Ace, Slovak Styrian Golding or New Zealand Motueka for example. It should be noted that unlike pineapple, the lemon is an international flavor in beer.

Quite rare flavor that fans can meet is banana flavor. If you are interested in such flavor, you can find it in a German wheat beer. Illogical, isn’t it? The point is that this flavor is achieved through isoamyl fusion or yeast. This process takes place when the beverage is in the process of fermentation. In any case, whatever your favorite flavor is, remember that it should not interrupt the main beer flavor.

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