Saying that Poles love beer means saying nothing. The average citizen of Poland drinks about 98 liters of the golden drink per year. Analyzing the data on beer consumption amount in Poland, we might see this country is a leader not only in Europe but all around the world. According to the research conducted by subsidiary of GfK it became known that 63% of the adult population in Poland prefers beer to all other alcoholic beverages. Thus, beer is the favorite drink of 81% male respondents and 46% female. In addition to general love, brewing has become a possibility of increasing the attendance of Polish facilities and profits of their owners. Across the country minibreweries began to open successfully competing with their neighbors in the Czech Republic and Germany. The owners started thinking of another option, i.e. buying a turnkey brewery. As a rule, the highest number of pubs is located in the largest cities of Poland like Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, etc… It becomes clear that beer lovers will be interested in visiting of such places.

There are about 800 styles of beer in Poland, but the most popular is lager. The research by GfK found that lager is preferred by more men than women and that makes 86%. Preference of this sort of beer among women is 73%. Also, a small part of Polish men, namely 13%, admitted they like light beer, but with a high alcohol content. The second most popular beer brands in Poland are flavored foamy drinks, their preference is 10%. The fairer sex enjoys this beer the most. The third place belongs to the unfiltered wheat beer. It is chosen by 7% of adult Poles. Based on the large number of varieties of this golden drink, there are many establishments with mini-breweries and breweries in Poland. Among the largest breweries one should mention Kompania Piwowarska SA (combines 3 brewery facilities: Tyskie Browary Książęce, the Dojlidy Brewery и Lech Browary Wielkopolski), Browar Van Pur, Browary Zywiec S.A. etc.

As already been noticed, private brewery installation is gaining popularity in pubs, cafes and restaurants. So, perhaps, in a couple of years you won’t find any Polish premises without brewing equipment.

Get started your brewing business today!

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