Expenses involved in the production of beer

To determine expenses involved in the beer production process, a lot of costs must be taken into account. For instance, costs involving the production process or the raw materials used. The ingredients needed for the production of beer account for around 40% of the final production expenses.

The ingredients needed for the production of beer include water, malt, hops, and yeast. The prices of these ingredients might differ. If the brewery uses an urban water supply system, the production of beer involves a huge amount of water – up to 12 000 liters. The cost of hops also varies, depending on its kind. This statement applies to the prices of malt and yeast as well. The price of the raw materials is influenced by the transportation costs. The average cost of raw materials necessary to make one beer is around 0.80 zlotys.

Another important factor influencing the beer production expenses is the technological cost. Its amount depends on the energy used (necessary for all the machines to work properly) and the service expenses (involving maintenance and repair). The additional costs also involve the purchase of spare parts.

The list of costs that are necessary to produce beer includes the expenses associated with the excise duty and the marketing (the design and production of the bottle’s label). The producer also needs to pay for cans, bottles and bottle caps, an estimated cost of 0.60 zlotys per item. The salary and insurance for the workers necessary for this production process must also be added.

Equipment used for beer production

When starting a brewery business, one might anticipate that the purchase of the professional equipment might involve a considerable amount of money. It is difficult to estimate the price of the brewery launching process. More and more popular are small, craft breweries that focus on traditional methods of beer production. Finally, the opening of a brewery might cost 200-300 000 of Polish zlotys. The initial stage is not easy as there are certain rules to follow.
It does not matter if you open a big company or a craft brewery – the procedures are the same. It is best to find the appropriate building and equip it with proper machines and equipment.

The equipment for the production of beer includes Brew Mash Tuns and Filter Tanks. The very important parts of these tanks are water flow meters, mixing tanks, temperature sensors. All the brewing equipment and machines for the production of beer should be made of stainless steel.

If someone decides to open a smaller brewery business, then craft breweries are a good solution as they are designed to produce the smaller amount of beer. The maximum daily efficiency of the brewery is 2000 liters.

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