Beer production

The stages of beer production are an interesting topic for mini brewery buyers. Mashing is the first step of amber drink production. The milled malt is mixed with water in a brewing tank. The result of this process is a mash that is heated with some “temperature breaks”.

The next step is mash filtration, during which the mixture is pumped to the filtration tank.  It forms a sedimentary layer of insoluble malt components. Water with dissolved substances cleaned of sediment passes through the filter.

The third step of beer production is mash boiling with hop adding, the action that gives flavor. After that, the hoping mash illuminating in hydro cyclonic machine is pumped into the cylinder conical tank with yeast adding.

It is a natural fermentation and its completion process. The basic cycle proceeds about a week. Beer accumulates the necessary degree of alcohol and carbon dioxide during the process of yeasts settling in a cylinder conical tank. The settled yeasts are removed and freshly brewed beer gets to its desire condition. A unique flavor of beer is forming during this process.

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