The production of beer is increasingly associated with modern ways of production. The most popular way to classify types of beer is by fermentation. The factors that influence the quality of beer include raw materials, the brewing process, and brewing equipment.

Ingredients used in the production of beer

The ingredients necessary for the production of beer include malt, water, brewing yeasts, hops. The brewing malt is made from grains of barley that need to sprout and later be dried out. There are 3 main types of malt: Munich malt, Vienna malt, light Pilsner malt. In the production of beer, there are also different types of malt used – caramel, wheat, melanoidin, black, chocolate, nut. The next ingredient that improves the taste and quality of the beer is hops, that is available in various types.

Brewing equipment

Brewing equipment is really important in the production of beer. Depending on the size, there are certain types of equipment – minibreweries and industrial breweries. Minibreweries will be perfect for restaurants, pubs and clubs. In these places, customers can taste fresh beer.

Industrial breweries allow to be more efficient (100-500 liters of wort per boiling). They are the necessary equipment when one is opening their own brewery. Brewing equipment includes mash tuns, hopinators, bright beer tanks, lauter tuns, malt mills.

The production of beer – next stages

Malt, mentioned above, is an essential beer ingredient. Before it can be used in the brewing process, it has to be properly prepared. These steps include milling, grinding and crumbling. Later, the malt is placed in a mash tun where it is combined with filtered water and heated. In a lautering tun, a separation of residual grain and extracted wort begins. In the following boiling process, the filtered wort is placed in a brew kettle and then boiled with hops.

The extract is boiled until it gets the right color and flavor. Later, it is cooled in a Whirlpool vessel before yeast is added. The following fermentation process might last up to 12 days. After the right amount of alcohol is reached, beer is placed in a maturation lager tanks. It is stored for a week and then matures at a particular temperature (1.5°C- 0°C). The final stage includes filtration after which beer has an attractive coloring.

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