The device is intended for filtration and separation of wort from the beer pellet. The mash is pumped into the filter vat – whirlpool for separation into non-hopping wort and beer pellet – mash insoluble residues remaining during the filtering process.

Filter vat is intended for separation of spent grain and malt wort. Filtration vats have the structure of steel reservoirs with cylindrical shape. Such design prevents deformation if the vat has a large diameter. The device is placed horizontally on smooth bottom. The upper and lower parts of the vat are equipped with angles, and cylindrical part is isolated. The insulation must be protected by a metal casing to prevent damage. Insulation of cylindrical vat forms is required to prevent cooling of content.

Dimensions of vat directly depend on the weight of the filling raw materials. The layer of pellet should be ideally sustained because if the layer is too high then the filtration slows, complicating the leaching of pellets. If the layer of pellets is lowered, then it breaks and filter quality decreases. Once the filtering process is started, the shell settles to the bottom, forming a natural filter. The wort filtered in this natural filter after recirculation process. Filtered wort gets into the battery through the special pipes. Cranes mounted on pipes regulate the rate of wort outflow. The holes for the recess of pellets are provided at the bottom of the tank.

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Filtration process has two steps. The first step is free-run of wort and the second one is pellet washing with a hot water. Both portions are mixed in the mash tun. Thus, the pellet serves as filter septum.

Synthetic material is playing the role of a filter partition in filter press and filtration occurs not under the influence of gravity but pneumatic compression of filtration elements.

Then the wort is pumped into whirlpool bath to remove insoluble residues of barley and hops. These particles are collected in the center of the bottom of the hydrocyclone under the force of friction of liquid layers. The wort is separated from the insoluble residue after 20-30 minutes of defecation.

Filter vat complete set:

collapsible a sieve for drainage;
washing device

Whirlpool for boiling

This unit has an important function of wort boiling after filtration of the mash. The filtered wort is pumped into a whirlpool for boiling. After that the device is started, and the wort is fed to the brewery. The presses are also used for filtration with synthetic materials as a filter. In this case, filtration occurs in the way of compression elements and not under the influence of gravity. It should be noted that filtration is a key process in beer production, which depend on the taste quality of beverage. Our company uses the most modern equipment and the latest technologies in manufacturing of this device. The company’s products are standard of quality. You’ll make the right choice buying our products.

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