Beer is a much appreciated alcoholic drink in Poland. Over the years, it became the beverage popular nationwide. Recently, except for the common lager, there is more beer available from local and craft breweries. Their creators started experimenting and launching new versions of this beverage. Most of them transformed their personal passion for brewery into a business. Although private brewers have ideas and vigor, they also need specific documents and professional equipment.

How to launch a craft brewery?

Taking into consideration that beer is an alcoholic beverage, the excise tax must be paid. It is one of the formalities to be completed before opening a brewery. When the excise tax is paid, one can think of buying the equipment needed to brew beer. This type of business is being controlled by the State Sanitary Inspection, while some of the equipment must get a permit for utilization and legalization, which can be obtained from Central Office of Measures.

What are the most important qualities?

When buying equipment needed to open a craft brewery, one should focus on high quality, certified materials and a high standard of accessories. It is always attractive when equipment includes warranty service, in case of any technical issues. S-Brewery guarantees complex installation, launch, regulation of the equipment as well as trainings for the workers. It all gives independence from suppliers and a stable amount of high quality beer all year long. The firm also offers standard and individual projects of various brewery models. S-Brewery is as well a producer of additional equipment, such as vessels, fermentation tanks, keg washers, pasteurizers, cooling systems, devices for filling and other technological equipment. S-Brewery’s equipment is easy to use and understand, even by beginners. Brewers that opened their own microbreweries stated that S-Brewery creates modern brewery complexes. This firm is created by professionals, such as engineers, process engineers, brewers, managers that constantly develop it. The business that provides such equipment should really focus on an individual approach to the client.

Constant development

Every good brewer comes forward with his constant need to develop a product. It is feasible through changing equipment, products, improving mixes and acquiring knowledge. By doing so, our microbrewery can compete with other businesses. Introducing new, unique products and finding your own niche are a key to success.

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