Getting the additional hop aroma

Hops have been an indispensable ingredient to produce beer over the many generations of brewers. Hops give the bitterness and malty sweetness because of their quality, making balanced and attractive taste and aroma. There are different styles of hops available to brewers. Each hop sort gives the unusual flavors to beer. It is proved that because of hop use, the foam in the glass is maintained much longer. One of the most important qualities of hops for the brewers is its ability to limit the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria in beer, thereby increasing its shelf life.

Hops are used in brewing during wort boiling. Hops can be made for additional aroma (in the form of lumps, pellets or hop oil) at the beer fermentation stage, or ripening. This process was named “dry hopping” and this technique is widely used in England for ales and bitters. To describe the same phenomenon in Germany as the opposite of hopping, the term “cold hopping” is used. Today, with the advent of craft revolution, dry hopping received considerable widespread so the practice entered the largest breweries finding exceptional taste and the revival of old recipes.

HOPINATOR by “S-BREWERY” is an innovative solution for the hopping wort and gives it a rich hop aroma. HOPINATOR is elaborated by our designers and technologists for use in professional minibreweries. The device allows you to skip wort through the hops, thus giving it an extra flavor.

HOPINATOR by “S-BREWERY” has the following parameters:

Dimensions: 300h320h760

Total capacity: 7 L

Diameter: 154 mm

Type of connection: G 1/4 “

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