The constant popularity of beer is warmed not only by its taste values but mostly the profitability coming from its production. There is still quite a considerable brewery niche on the national market. It means that opening of a brewery is a very good investment that can guarantee a handsome profit.

The fact that Polish consumers of beer spend yearly around PLN 20 billion can only confirm lucrativeness of this business.

How can one join the group of producers of this alcoholic drink with 6000 years of tradition?
First steps in brewery business

Craftsman’s production of beer requires an appropriately adjusted space as well as necessary professional beer brewing equipment.

For beginners, it is recommended to start with craft breweries, which (depending on productivity) can produce 100-1000 liters of beverage during one brewing process.

It is an optimal solution considering the cost of purchasing equipment, as well as expenses associated with the number of raw materials needed to the single process of making beer.

It is essential, especially when one is experimenting or looking for new and unique recipes. S-Brewery, relying on years of experience, can advise on the capacity that is the most accurate for the particular production.
Formalities associated with opening a brewery

According to Polish law, there is no difference between opening a crafts brewery or an industrial brewery. The procedure is exactly the same and though the process can seem time-consuming, it is worth a while.

When it comes to the legal aspects, the production can be performed by a one-person business, a joint-stock company, a limited partnership, a general partnership, as well as a limited liability company. In this case, only a limited liability partnership is excluded.

Permits and consents

At the beginning of the project, even before the adjustment of the building or creating a brewery from scratch, one must get permission to launch a business from local residents. Unfortunately, their disapproval can easily become an obstacle. It is worth to start a positive campaign quite early.

At the same time, the municipal Department of Environmental Protection will run the expertise, which should result in a consent to start the project. Next, the one will need an approval of the local Architectural Department to remodel or build a brewery.

Until the production line starts moving, one needs certain consents and permits issued by:

  • State Sanitary Inspection
  • Fire Department
  • Technical Supervision Department

Additionally, one needs to inform Customs Office about the launch of the brewery business in order to determine the size of the production and pay the suitable excise duty.

However, if one is planning retail beer sales, they need to get and pay a concession to sell alcohol.

This is how a brewery story begins – Let’s go, craft beer fans!

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