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Industrial brewery is the object of reliable investment and stable income

The tendency of development of European Brewery market indicates on decreased consumption, and thus pasteurized beer production and increased consumer interest in containing yeast cells beer and preserving a mineral and vitamin complex, as it did not undergo the process of thermal pasteurization.

This situation affects on craft beer production. It also promotes European countries to return to national brewing traditions, which remained during many centuries in small number of companies which use Minibreweries.

Beer production in such volumes do not meets the requirements of growing demand in consumer’s market, because this kind of production can provide only pubs and shops are located in the immediate vicinity.

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The time has come when the attention of investors and producers aimed at beer equipment that allows building a brewery, with capacity up to 5000 liters per day, which would extend the range of implementation and occupancy of the craft beer market.

“S-BREWERY” Сompany produces and sells brewery equipment, the price of which has the optimal and fair market correlation with its quality and production parameters.

Industrial brewery by “S-BREWERY” Company supplied with various indicators of production capacity.  Craft breweries with capacity 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 liters of per day are most popular among the producers.

“S-BREWERY” Company’s equipment has a high degree of commonality that allows you to carry works on modernization and expansion of production characteristics of the brewery in shortest possible time and with the use of an expanded list of auxiliary and supplementary units.

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