Starting Your Own Brewery. Learn the Secrets of Brewing Business

Saying that beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world it’s saying nothing. It has become a symbol of plurality kinds of sports and favorite companion of most people. Everybody likes quality, fresh excellent taste beer, but even beer of reputable brands losing its true taste because of bottled downtime. That is why many restaurants and bars prefer to install their own brewery or purchase beer from private owners. Besides, small brewery can be arranged without particularly large expenditure. If you do decide to start beer production, you have to know the following things:

Step 1. Business Plan. In the first step you need to compose a business plan with calculations that will determine the desired productivity of your brewery and its recoupment period. There are two types of production in brewing business:

  • Mini brewery: productivity from 100-1000 liters of wort per brew;
  • Industrial brewery: productivity from 2000-5000 liters of wort per brew.

* Our company can make the calculation of your project’s recoupment.

Step 2. Searching the place. It is necessary to have a place to launch the brewery both the restaurant and industrial. You will need a room of 13 sq.m. in size to launch the brewery. The available space should be divided into different zones: production area, raw materials storage area and area for end product. Also, it supposes using electricity, sewage and water supply. You’ll have to be examined by the relevant authorities. You will need to get permission to work from sanitary services, fire and housing departments.

Stage 3. Water Testing.

You need to analyze the quality of water because it’s required for brewing. You can deal with it both individually and or turn to us.

Step 4. Selection of high-quality equipment

Prices for breweries are quite different, because there is a huge range of equipment on market such as Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian and European. Therefore, this step should be taken carefully. «Heinrich Schulz» Company has found a compromise of price and quality. We produce the equipment according to European standards but of significantly lower cost because of production in Ukraine.

Step 5. Recruitment

Obviously, the self-serve of brewery is impossible. It is worth thinking about round the clock beer production. This will require two staff members. The cost of equipment by «Heinrich Schulz» includes staff training, so this step is the most interesting.

Step 6. Raw materials for brewing

The raw materials for beer production are water, brewer’s yeast, malt and hops. We always recommend you only the most reliable suppliers for our clients.

Step 7 Installation of equipment

«S-BREWERY» Company carries out the installation of equipment.

As you can see, our company has a comprehensive approach to each project, we try to accompany the client on each step from the business plan to installation of equipment.

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