Micro-brewery in the structure of the restaurant business

The presence of brewery creates a special atmosphere and personality in restaurant or pub, thereby enhancing the interest among the visitors.

You can brew craft beer of different varieties and impress your visitors with breweries of S-BREWERY Company. True connoisseurs of beer culture will appreciate your restaurant, which will combine the comfort and abundance of craft beer brewed according to your recipes.

You can brew your own craft beer and amaze your establishment customers with equipment by S-BREWERY.

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Microbreweries of Heinrich Schulz Company include:

  • Correlation of price/quality
  • High-quality details of European production
  • Wide range of craft beer production
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ability of equipment upgrading
  • Quick equipment payback
  • Compactness, portability and convenience of using

Heinrich Schultz Company manufactures brewing equipment with reference to the specific features of the restaurant business. Microbreweries “Heinrich Schultz” require minimal amount of required personnel. Also they may be connected to standard communications and energy supply.

Heinrich Schultz Company proceeds from understanding that breweries for restaurants supposed to be installed as quickly as possible from purchase moment.

The price of Heinrich Schulz Mini-Breweries is fully consistent with quality, it is a promising and reliable investment, considering craft beer demand  in Europe.

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