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Portable breweries in container are the best choice for those who wish to buy a brewhouse and start brewing business immediately but does not own a pub or restaurant or do not have enough free space in existing room.

Our company provides technological preparation of the brewery. You can install a brewery anywhere in the world. We produce and install container microbrewery with production capacity from 50liters to 300liters.

Main advantages

  1. Compactness – container microbrewery is highly ergonomic, it does not take up much space and saves resources
  2. Mobility – easy to move without complex disassembly and assembly
  3. The ability to increase the capacity of the equipment – the existing production capacity of the brewery module can be easily upgraded by adding additional modules
  4. Quick and cheap production – classic technology brewing allows minimizing production costs
  5. Easy to install – installation of the brewery does not require building modifications and complicated permission procedure
  6. Maximum performance – from the very beginning of brewing container microbrewery will have maximum beer production capacity.
  7. Reliability – produced by German technology allows avoiding errors and problems with equipment which are usually specific to handicrafts and cheap breweries
  8. Operational freedom – you will be independent from your beer suppliers

Equipment configuration:

• two-roller malt

• mash / brewing tun

• lauter tun/Whirlpool

• steam generator

• two-stage heat exchanger

• control panel for brewing part

• control panel for fermentation part

• boiler

• utility table with vanity unit

• cylindro conical tanks – 4 pcs.

• storage tanks – 8 pcs.

• kegs – 8 pcs.