Opened: 2017

Brewery: 10hl per brew

Fermenters : 20hl. 6 pcs.

Address: Mäntsälä, Finland

In summer 2017, S-Brewery, ltd has succesfuly launched 10 hl brewery in finnish town Mäntsälä.  Brewery Kiiski is the first brewhouse in  Mäntsälä.

How did everything started?

Two friends and common passion to brewing led to starting own craft brewing business. From the first conversation it has transpired that the clients have  four year  experience in homebrewing and making hobby as a business was a dream for them. At the end of March 2017 Pasi Kiiskinen and Janne Ahola  visited Kyiv, Ukraine (main office and production facilities) for signing the equipment supply contract. As a result brend new brewhouse Schulz-1000 with six 20hl fermenters was installed. According to the information from the client the first beer is planned for August 2017.

The brewhouse

The brewery is a classic Schulz version – stainless steel semiautomated brewhouse, fermenters, additional technological equipment. At the end of June 2017 the equipment was delivered to Finland. After installation and set-up brewer from S-Brewery carried out testing brewings.

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On the 23rd of September Brewery Kiiski presents its own beer and treats its fans with unique tastes at the local Oktoberfest – Mäntsälän Suurlavan Octoberfest.

Start your own brew busnies today!


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