5 300x300 [PL]HOPINATOR

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Hopinator (Hop Rocket) is intended for additional hopping of beer. The device itself looks like a miniature space rocket and may be equipped with diopters for visual inspection of hopping process. The device can be installed on the bar counter and connected to the line between kegs and beer column. Fruits, berries, various herbs and spices which gives a unique taste and characteristics can be loaded in Hopinator instead of hops. The device has two flange connections with the help of which it can be disassembled and cleaned easily. In addition to the technological function Hopinator is an element of décor also.


V total – 5 liters

Mass of loaded raw materials – 1-1.5kg

Material154х2 AISI 304
Operating pressure2,5 bar
Purification methodCIP
Outside treatingpolish
Internal treating2B
Volume6,5 litres
Weight of loading raw materials1-1,5 kg