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16 Pressure Tank

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Pressure tank used for accumulation and short-term storage of the finished product before it spills. Such containers are traditionally made vertical with a short bottom part, completely insulated, with operating pressure up to 1 bar. As a rule, a cooling jacket is not used for such tanks, since the time of the product being in it is limited by the weekly cycle and the use of modern insulating materials temperature raises for a period of less than 1 ° C. Transportation of MPT can be carried by road transport to loading using a truck (car) or by road from the ramp. We are pleased to offer you a new development in the field of equipment for the sale of beer and kvass – mobile pressure tanks.

Mobile pressure tanks are designed for transportation and sale of “live” beverages in places of stationary trade. The use of mobile pressure tanks simplify the seasonality in the implementation of draft beer, as it allows delivering and properly organizing places selling “living” elite beer in all beverages market segments:

  • restaurants, cafes and bars;
  • supermarkets and chain stores;
  • specialized beverage stores (beer).

In autumn and winter, in connection with the closing of the summer trading platforms, sales of elite beer in the HORECA segment is shrinking and mobile pressure tanks allow to provide “live” elite beer ещ buyer at retail locations, where you can buy it packaged in PET “before your eyes”. The entourage of beer sales space, replicating capacity of minibrewery enhances beer’s appeal as “live”, recently brewed; increases awareness of elite beer supplied to pubs restaurants and bars.

Main specifications mobile pressure tanks listed in the table.


Mobile pressure tanks operating volume




1The inner diameter, mm392605745
2Overall dimensions (width x length x height), mm486х568х12451061х770х1751900х1096х1744
3Dry weight, kg41117130
4Total weight, kg141417630

Pressure tank equipped with: safety valve, manometer, spraying device, water level indicator at the lateral side of the container, isolation valve. The tank is made of stainless steel grade AISI 304, facing is made of bright-finished steel. To eliminate the possibility of damage of the facing of the container there is a polished tubing guard rail provided at the top and bottom of the container. The total area occupied by the mobile pressure tank with cooling system – less than 3 m3.

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