Year: 2016

Brewery: Schulz-500

Cylindrical-conical fermentation tank: 12 pcs  – 1000 l each.

In 2016 one more international project from SCHULZ Company was implemented on Malta. «The Brew» pub is newish installation with SCHULZ brewery in the city.  The Brew brews five different types of craft beer: Dark, Golden Ale, Honey, Amber Ale and Gallery Craft beer.

How it all started?

As there were no pubs with own breweries on Malta, The Brew owner decided not to waste time and applied to SCHULZ Company for help to carry out the  project.


Schulz-500 with 12 cylindrical-conical fermentation tanks was installed in the pub and the equipment became integral part of the pub.  The brewhouse was equipped with copper cladding and became WOW moment for pub interior. By the end of 2016 the brewery started working.

Each SCHULZ project always has a personal approach to each client.

Start your brewing business today or someone else will do it first!

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