Selection of Placement for Your Brewery

It is obvious that placement is obligatory in order to open a brewery at the restaurant as well as in industrial facilities. There are several things that need to be taken into account when looking for a place or a building for your brewery, including:

Profitable location – proximity to potential customers and clients;
Availability of parking and access to supplies;
The rental charges that you are able to pay, and whether it includes utilities;
The amount you are willing to pay for the repair of the premises (if necessary);
If the location is in the countryside, then whether there is the necessary infrastructure (i.e. water, sewerage, etc.)

In order to place a brewery you will need a room at least 13 sq.m. in size. Also, the available space should be divided into separate areas: production room, area for the storage of raw materials and finished products. Electricity, sewerage and water system are necessary things for the placement. You also need to be examined by the relevant authorities. You will need to get a permit for the activity of the health and fire services and housing department. You will need to sign a rental contract with the owner if you decide to rent rather than purchase or construct the premises for the brewery. Before signing the documents make sure that your legal worker explained you all the details to understand the obligations to which you agree. You must be extremely careful when renting commercial area. Consult with an appropriate specialist if you decide to purchase the building land. Here are some requirements and recommendations that should be taken into account when selecting a building:

Water tap for cold and hot water;
Water supply will be needed throughout the territory of the brewery after the filling in kegs is out;
Filtering may be required for municipal water. It is recommended to carry out a water analysis to determine whether the filter is required;

The drainage system is required for all areas of the brewery;
Floors should have the necessary drains;
It is recommended that the drainage channel has a lattice of stainless steel or fiberglass;

The building should have the wiring;
Recommended capacity is 200 amperes;

Basic moments
The floors of the brewery must be sealed and resistant to weak acids and strong alkalis;
Due to the nature of the brewing process, walls and ceilings must be washable and made from materials that will withstand the moist environment;

There should be good ventilation, to remove condensate and provide fresh air;
Consider protect premises against dust and impurities including filtered air system in this field;
Air conditioning is recommended in all breweries spaces;

Our specialists are always happy to answer any questions about the requirements for your own brewery premises.

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