Want to earn more? Your own mini-brewery or industrial brewery will be your reliable source of income. Now it is easier to do thanks to a special offer from “S-BREWERY”, the leading manufacturer of brewing equipment on European market. “S-BREWERY” offers only the best brewing solutions, which allows you to reach new heights in life and business.

There are special conditions of purchase for all buyers of SCHULZ industrial breweries with capacity of 2500-5000 liters of wort per day from March 01 to May 31, 2016: :

  • Extended warranty – 24 Months
  • Free service – 2 years (maintenance – 1 time/6mth).
  • Replacement of seals and gaskets on valves, dowel machine and steam generator cleaning, performance testing of components and assemblies.

For more information about this special offer, please contact the specialists of “S-BREWERY” sales department.

“S-BREWERY” company:

  • The reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality brewing equipment.
  • Company uses only certified materials and components produced in Europe.
  • Fully manual assembly and debugging, mandatory testing in the workshop prior to shipment to the customer.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • The business experience of more than 10 years and a wide geography of completed projects, which covers Ukraine, Russia, CIS, European Union, Canada and the United States.

Why you should work with us:

  • The affordable prices from the manufacturer.
  • The warranty and post warranty service.
  • An extensive business experience and own industrial base allows us to realize your wildest dreams in the field of brewing.

Working with us, you can:

  • offer the customers a unique new product – craft beer, brewed according to the original recipes.
  • occupy a niche on the rapidly growing craft beer market.
  • develop your own highly profitable business, whose products are highly demanded.

Beer cooked on “S-BREWERY” brewing equipment is always a guaranteed quality and the assurance of prosperity of your business.



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