So, now that you have found the perfect room for your brewery, you must acquire brewing equipment and raw material for beer production.

Let us consider the packaging brewery:

  • Malt Mill – device for crushing malt
  • Hot water tank – vessel containing water for beer is heated to mash temperature
  • Mash Tun – device for mashing and boiling of wort grains
  • Lauter Tank – huge vessel in which there is filtration after mashing
  • Brewiing kettle – vessel made of stainless steel or copper is used for heating wort
  • Filter – removes solids from beer
  • Cylindroconical vessel – vessel for primary / secondary fermentation and storage of finished beer
  • Beer bottling system in kegs, bottles, etc.

Buying brewing equipment: new or used?

Searching for equipment for the brewery, you can purchase a new equipment from the manufacturer and used equipment. When considering the variant to purchase used equipment you should pay special attention to its past appointment which could initially be designed for other sectors of the food industry: dairy factories, production of soft drinks, etc. However, buying of used equipment can bring some problems such as the necessity of maintenance, disinfection, modifications, etc. The financial cost of these actions may eventually go into the amount to the approximate cost of the brewery from the manufacturer turnkey. Schulz Company has found a compromise of price and quality: creating equipment by European standards, but much lower than the cost in connection with the production on the territory of Ukraine. It is recommended to carefully consider all the details before making a final decision.

Tips for Choosing a brewery

  • The equipment should be made of approved materials, such as stainless steel. Copper is a suitable material for use in breweries. Contact of wort with copper is valid.
  • Avoid brass, because it usually contains lead.
  • Food plastic and rubber, such as polyethylene plastic and neoprene rubber are acceptable.

Raw material for brewing

As mentioned earlier, there are four basic ingredients needed for brewing:

– Barley

– Hops

– Water

– Yeast

When searching for suppliers of raw materials one should always remember that the quality of beer depends not only on the equipment but also on the quality of raw materials. We always encourage our clients only with the most reliable suppliers who can get a good discount.


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